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Why do flyovers of your club?

Having trouble getting new members, filling your tee sheets, or generating more interest in your tournaments and events?  Golf course flyovers are rapidly becoming an essential marketing tool for today’s forward-thinking country clubs and golf facilities. Professional flyovers of your golf holes give prospective members and players an unmatched perspective of your property, and allow you to show off your facilities in a unique and appealing way.

Professional fairway flyovers give your property a “PGA Tour” feel.  The public has become very sophisticated in what they expect on their television and computer screens. Informational flyovers have become standard for televised professional events. Being able to see the course layout increases a player’s enjoyment and appreciation of the challenge ahead.

In most cities, there are many choices where to golf. More and more, your prospective customers are using online channels when deciding where to play. Professionally produced fairway flyovers allow you to differentiate your club from others, and provide prospective customers with a welcoming feeling about your property.

Why choose Dogleg Aerial for your flyovers?

At Dogleg Aerial, we are not just taking a hobby out to the golf course. We are experienced professionals with years of accomplishment in professional photography and complete turnkey video production in the corporate and commercial worlds. We are also golfers who respect the game, and understand how to do what we do with minimal interruption and impact on your business.

What sets us apart:
  • Years of experience in professional video production
  • Latest aerial cinematography platforms
  • FAA Part 61 and Part 107 certified
  • Complete post-production services
Compare our videos with ANYONE else’s product.

Do your own web video search on “golf course flyovers”.

  • Are their moves smooth and fluid from tee to green?
  • Do they start low at the tee and finish and hold with the green framed properly?
  • Is their speed smooth and consistent?
  • Do they follow the middle of the fairway, or do they tentatively wander back and forth on the way to the green?
  • Do they make disorienting edits in the middle of the flyover?

We think you’ll agree our flyovers are the best way to show the beauty of your golf course.

We’d love to discuss your plans — no obligation!

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how fairway flyovers can help give everyone a “view from above” of your property!